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An asynchronous YouTube downloader in C# with WPF

There are many ways to get a cool YouTube Video on your hard drive. But sadly most websites or programs who offer such a service are packed with advertising or spyware. So I wrote a quick small program who downloads … Continue reading

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Westfalenliga game – Uni Paderborn vs Go Geier Lippstadt

Yesterday I played a GO game for my Club “Uni Paderborn”. We play in a small local league called “Westfalenliga“. I played with my former teacher Andreas Fecke 3d. Here is the game with some of my comments: [sgfPrepared id=”0”]

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An Eve Online Path finder Service with WCF and QuickGraph

A good friend of mine is playing the MMO Eve Online and from what I’ve seen it’s a very cool game. The environment is a huge Universe with solar systems, stars, stations, corporations and battleships. But my friend had a … Continue reading

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German GO national league Round 3

This week I played in the German GO national league (What is GO?). The league has 88 Teams in 7 Sub leagues. My team is “Westfalen1” and we are playing in the second league. Each month we have to compete … Continue reading

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Small Google Chrome Inline translate extension

Today I noticed, that I often want to translate some text in Google Chrome but not the entire page. As you know, you can translate the entire page by clicking “Translate to …” in the context menu of Google Chrome. … Continue reading

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